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April 23, 2024by PG0

The Fiscal Responsibility Commission (FRC), on Monday April 22, 2024 hosted esteemed guests from ANAN University Business School, including Dr. Stephine N. Sende and Muhammad Hadi Musa, alongside postgraduate students, at the Commission’s conference room. The visit aimed to deepen the student’s understanding of the FRC’s pivotal role in the nation’s governance.

Victor Muruako, Esq. the Executive Chairman of the FRC, commended the students for their eagerness to learn more about the Commission’s vital role. He emphasized the pivotal role of transparency and accountability in effective public resource management, citing the FRC’s continuous efforts to raise awareness about its mandate. Notably, he highlighted the Commission’s extensive sensitization programs, including outreach initiatives to various National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) Orientation camps across Nigeria, aimed at educating young citizens on the importance of fiscal responsibility.

Muruako encouraged the attendees to actively engage with the Commission, underscoring their readiness to address inquiries and provide insights into the FRC’s operations.

During the visit, Charles C. Abana, The Commission’s Head of Legal Investigation and Enforcement, provided a comprehensive overview of the FRC’s legal framework, emphasizing its alignment with the Fiscal Responsibility Act of 2007. Additionally, Mr. Ado Hassan, Head of the Policy and Standards (P&S) Directorate, and Bello Gulmare, Head of Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E), offered insights into their respective departments’ activities, showcasing the Commission’s multifaceted approach to achieving its objectives.

The engagement between the FRC and ANAN University Business School underscores the importance of collaboration between academia and regulatory bodies in fostering transparency and good governance. As Nigeria strives for sustainable development, initiatives like this serve as crucial steps towards achieving a more accountable and prosperous future.

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