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The Fiscal Responsibility Commission (FRC) embarked on its Sensitisation and enlightenment of the members of the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) on issues around fiscal governance.

The exercise took place simultaneously at five NYSC Orientation Camps in Abuja, Nasarawa, Benue, Kogi and Minna while the same exercise will take place in Kaduna State Orientation Camp by Wednesday next week.

The Sensitization programme is on the basics of the Fiscal Responsibility Act which has to do with the Transparent, Accountable, and Prudent Management of Public Resources.

The Corp members were urged to show interest in laws, policies, measures, and choices that relate to how public revenue is generated, spent, borrowed, lent, saved or invested. They were encouraged to become active students of transparency, accountability, and prudence.

Abuja team was led by the Secretary of the Commission, Fatima Binta Abubakar, Nasarawa was led by the Head of Finance and Account, Sule Unekwu Ojo, the Benue team was led by Victoria Adiwu while the Niger State team was led by the Head of Strategic Communication Directorate, Bede Ogueri Anyanwu. The Kaduna State team will be led by Henry Otsowo.

The programme, which was billed to become a Nationwide event, is aimed at educating the youth on Fiscal Governance and the benefits of its implementation in the management of the nation’s resources.

The Commission would continue to awaken the citizens’ consciousness of the need for Transparent and Accountable public expenditure management by catching them young.

Plans are underway to also take the Sensitisation Programmes to institutions of higher learning, in a bid to push for the adoption of Fiscal Responsibility in the school curriculum.

The Corp members were called to leverage the Fiscal Responsibility Act to ask the government and its functionaries any reasonable question relating to public revenue, expenditure, borrowing, debt and indebtedness as contained in section 51 of the Fiscal Responsibility Act, 2007.


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