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Victor Muruako Esq


I welcome you to this website on behalf of the Board, Management and Staff of Fiscal Responsibility Commission (FRC). It is one of several information gateways and public engagement channels created to keep you abreast of the work we do; and generally, to apprise you of relevant developments in Nigeria’s fiscal governance space.

This website has been redesigned and revamped in line with the Strategic Partnerships and Automation for a Restructured Commission (SPARC) Agenda of my administration as Executive Chairman of the FRC. The SPARC Agenda is anchored on a four-year strategic action plan, which overarching objective is to make the FRC a fortified and frontline agency of government in Nigeria’s economic management as well as the go-to authority on Nigeria’s fiscal governance. Undergirding the Agenda are the core values of Competence, Courage and Consistency which together constitute the driving force in the operations of the Commission.

The website has been recreated to offer up-to-date validity and integrity of carefully curated data useful for learning, referencing and interactivity. We have chosen this path because fiscal responsibility is a collective responsibility of all citizens and stakeholders. Like I have said elsewhere before, fiscal sustainability is at the core of good governance; it is all about translating democratic practices into the fiscal arena, to manage resources in a way that meets the needs of present and future generations, to create wealth and ensure that it is retained for the good of the society.

I invite you to a rewarding navigation through the pages of this website.
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