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"Fiscal responsibility or fiscal sustainability is at the core of good governance; it is all about translating democratic practices into the fiscal arena , to manage resources in a way that meets the needs of present and future generations, to create wealth and ensure that it is retained for the good of the society"

Barr. Victor Muruako Esq
Executive Chairman

About The FRC

Fiscal Responsibility Act and Reports


An Act to provide for prudent management of the Nation’s Resources, ensure LongTerm Macro-Economic stability of the National Economy, secure greater accountability
and transparency in Fiscal operations within the Medium Term Fiscal Policy Framework,
and the establishment if the Fiscal Responsibility Commission to ensure the promotion
and enforcement of the Nation’s Economic objectives; and for related matters.

The Annual Report

Scheduled CorporationsGrowing list of Agencies

In 2012 and 2016 respectively, six (6) and ninety-two (92) Scheduled Corporations were added, bringing the number of Scheduled Corporations to One hundred and twenty-two (122

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